Posted by: Satoshi Kondo | 18 June, 2011

It’s hot!

…in the middle east!

I’m still a little out of it from not blogging for so long.


Anyway, it has ARRIVED in the hot middle east!!!

The one and only!

And it’s being advertised in major local magazines!?

Finally all of you in the middle east will have a chance to see it.

Soon it will be on display. I hope you’re excited about it!


A little short…

But that’s all for today.(*^▽^*)

Posted by: Satoshi Kondo | 17 June, 2011

I’m back!

….I just got home?

I just got done sifting through a mountain of complaints from my blog fans around the world!?

This one was the grand finale.

So I’m taking this opportunity to revive the blog!

I’m starting again, starting today!!

I hope to spread some of Japan’s energy around the world.

So, here we go again!

See you tomorrow!

PS. Really, thank you very much!

Posted by: Satoshi Kondo | 25 April, 2011

Special delivery!?

It’s been one month and 10 days since I quit smoking!

And I’m in the midst of the expected battle to keep my weight from skyrocketing.

Somewhere along the line it seems I almost quit blogging too… 🙂

This morning I was startled awake by the fierce lightning storm, which I almost mistook for a bombing.

Perhaps it’s my punishment for not blogging?

Anyway, this past weekend ASI received some emergency supplies!

The Japanese self-defense forces?


It’s a civilian!?


It’s the CEO of Wald International!!

Thank you for rushing us this delivery of vegetables!!

These should keep us going for a while.

Thank you very much!

And I hope everyone else will send us supplies too! 😉

See you later.

Posted by: Satoshi Kondo | 11 April, 2011

Cheering song!?

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom here in Nagoya!

Did you all get a chance to have a flower-viewing party?

There’s lots of famous cherry blossom spots near ASI.

So because of that, this time of year there is always a lot more traffic than usual.


Japan is in a low-key mood recently, but even now there are still plenty of chances to get out.

Anyway, today…


After being delayed as a result of the low-key mood, this promotional video was finally released!!

It’s a cheering song?

Isn’t it a nice song?

But I made a mistake.

Actually, it’s the Dragons‘ official song.

Posted by: Satoshi Kondo | 11 April, 2011

F1 is cheering for Japan!! Video…

Yesterday’s Malaysia GP was really intense!

Red Bull is so fast!!

And now today is April 11th, 1 month after the big earthquake…

But it’s no time to sulk!

Today is the day to stand tall and proud!!

And so for today’s blog I have a video of a short segment that was on TV.

Sorry the video quality is so bad.

The world is cheering for Japan!

Next up is the China GP.

What? Tomorrow is the preliminaries!?


There’s so much to catch up on…

Recently… I’m thinking about whether I should take up swimming. 🙂

Posted by: Satoshi Kondo | 11 April, 2011

One Month after 3.11

Hello everyone, long time no see.

I was enjoying a little bit of a break, lately.

But now ASI is back!

However, these guys haven’t taken any breaks!!

And they’ve been getting a lot of media coverage as well.

I always admire UKC Japan’s amazing relief activities.

I can only imagine how much work they put into it…

I hope everyone who watches this video and sees their work will help contribute!


There’s something else that’s evolved while I was away.

The magic AC words!!


Let’s go, Japan!!

Don’t worry. I’ll talk about cars again soon.



PS. People outside Japan can contribute to animal disaster relief via this organization:

Posted by: Satoshi Kondo | 1 April, 2011

Initial D x Noa Mizutani (Tarenagashi)

The month’s biggest?

…The YEAR‘s biggest?


Is what I hope to bring you today.


As you’ve probably guessed from the title, our asi GREEN Prius…. in Initial D 6 AA!!?


Tarenagashi-chan, a.k.a. Mizutani Noa!!!

↑ uUuUuuuu

That’s a very suspicious glint in your eyes… 😉


Which/Who will be in the game? which is the April fool’s joke?


These people are working hard!

Give them a click!

See you next time.

Posted by: Satoshi Kondo | 29 March, 2011


Current time: 4:44!

Today’s topic, 333km!

Numbers seem to be well synchronized today.

But, 333!

This long-form car seems to have taken its design hints from fish, who have to live with more aerodynamic (hydrodynamic?) resistance than any aerial animals.

Range: 333km

SIM-Drive’s initial prototype, the “SIM-LEI

In-wheel motors? awesome!!

Speaking of 333km…

That reminds me of ASI’s 333!

It’s a great speed to go, don’t you agree?

And speaking of speed….

Honda’s jet!!

Their first model for mass production….

Reminds me a little bit of Evangelion??

At an altitude of 30,000 feet, this jet broke its top speed target of 420 knots (appx. 780km/h) to record 425 knots! 787km!!

Way to go, Honda!!

Way to go, Japan!!



Posted by: Satoshi Kondo | 28 March, 2011

A fight between Rosberg and Schumacher!?…


Long time no see!?

Let’s keep our spirits up, Japan!!

ASI is doing our part too.

Today, I saw the 3rd man in this Mercedes commercial.

The Australia GP went off without a safety car, and ended uneventfully…

This first race makes me wonder if Vettel is going to wing again this year.

But first I’ve got to wrap my head around the new regulations.

Posted by: Satoshi Kondo | 24 March, 2011

Australia GT!! Let’s go, Japan!

Even after the Great East Japan Earthquake…And with all the nuclear problems…

Some of the damage finally seems to be trickling into west Japan now.

And I’m still glued to my TV.


There sure are a lot of special-use vehicles performing fantastically in the disaster.

So now that I’ve mentioned special-use vehicles…

This BMW 1M Coupe will be at the Moto GT!!

And, at Le Mans…

A Panamera Turbo!!

So what!?

…they’re just safety cars, but still. (^^;)

But enough with the introduction.

Today’s big scoop!!

It’s finally starting!!

The F1 GP

It was unfortunate that Bahrain got canceled, but the race starts today in Australia!!

And they even have stickers supporting Japan on all the F1 cars!

F1 is cheering for Japan, too!!

The race starts today (March 27) at 15:00, Japan time!!

I can hardly wait!

And here’s a little bonus for those of you who’ve already got your engines going.

* Tarenagashi-chan!?

See you next time.

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